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Convenient & secure: protect and manage all your passwords and access data with just one login

Password management made simple

What is a password manager?

Let’s be honest: how are you supposed to remember all the passwords that you have amassed over time in countless online accounts? Not to mention your credit card details, Wi-Fi logins, PINs, PUKs and the rest. Not only that, these days it’s no longer enough to use the same password for each portal or a slight variation of the same one. It is exactly these weak passwords that create enormous security gaps.

With a password manager you can now keep all your passwords and access data in one safe place – like in a real vault. To gain access to this vault, all you need to do is create a master password. This way, you can also use complex and very secure passwords without having to memorize them.

Which passwords and access data can be protected with a password manager?

Put simply: all of them! Here are just a few examples.

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Bank details

It may be practical to do your banking online, but this is also risky if you use outdated login data. More than anything else, banking and credit card information should always be stored safely. With PHNX you can now store them encrypted in your vault.

Wi-Fi logins

No doubt you can imagine more relaxing yoga poses than constantly bending over the Wi-Fi router to read the password? Now you can save your Wi-Fi logins much more easily in your PHNX password manager.

Social media accounts

Social media accounts contain a multitude of personal data these days, so maximum security is vital. From now on, with your password manager PHNX you can create and store secure passwords for all your social media accounts.

Shopping accounts

Online shopping fans need to remember a lot of login data for their accounts from “A“ for Amazon to “Z“ for Zalando. This can quickly get confusing. As payment options are now often stored directly in the applications themselves, passwords must be secure. Nothing is simpler than that when you use PHNX.

Get started now: simplify your life with the PHNX password manager app

  • Download the free password manager app PHNX in Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Simply save all your passwords and access data in the PHNX vault and define a master password.
  • No more outdated passwords: define a regular time for your passwords to be checked and, if you want, automatically changed too for selected accounts.
  • Access your passwords anytime anywhere – conveniently & securely!