All PHNX features at-a-glance

Unique: master password reset

Like a vault, PHNX is only accessible with a special key – the master password. If you forget yours, your content will not be lost, unlike in a real vault or other password manager.

You can reset your master password using a pre-selectable combination of “spare keys“ you choose yourself. Only PHNX does that.

Store all your passwords and access data conveniently and securely

All your passwords in one place

With PHNX you can conveniently manage the access data to your internet accounts, as well as credit card information, bank details or passwords for Wi-Fi logins, and store them securely in one place – with the help of cloud-sync from all your mobile devices.

Automated password change

Complex passwords can be created at random and automatically changed on selected portals – usually at the simple click of a button. You can, of course, determine the timing for password renewal yourself or set a timer.

Optional cloud synchronization & backup

To synchronize your vault between different devices or for backup or CSV export, you can, of course, also choose a trusted cloud provider: Dropbox, GoogleDrive and OneDrive and – for Apple devices – also iCloud.

Password generator

Arbitrarily complex passwords are generated that are both security and data privacy compliant. As PHNX manages the passwords, these no longer need to be short, “pronouncable“ or easily memorizable. The password generator ensures that the passwords created are always complex, secure and independent of each other.



We currently support Android and iOS. Browser plugins are in the pipeline for Windows and MacOS computers so that you can also use PHNX on your PC or Mac. No matter which platform, full PHNX functionality is always available!