PHNX Password Manager App

Protect and manage your passwords and access data with vault-like security!

PHNX creates complex and secure passwords for you. With our password manager, you simply log into your accounts conveniently and securely – from all your mobile devices. And best of all: if you want, your passwords can be automated and changed regularly.


Security is our top priority: we fulfil 100 percent of corporate compliance guidelines and the legal requirements determined in the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Your advantages with PHNX

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All your passwords in one place


With PHNX you can conveniently manage the passwords for all your portals, as well as access data like credit card information, banking details or Wi-Fi logins and store these securely in one place – from all your mobiles devices.

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Unique: master password reset


Like a vault, PHNX is only accessible with a special key –the master password. Should you ever forget it, your content is not lost though, unlike with a real vault or other password managers. You can reset your master password by creating several combinable “spare keys“ you choose yourself. Only PHNX does that.

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Automated password change


Complex passwords can be created randomly and automatically changed automatically on selected portals on a regular basis – usually at the simple click of a button. You can, of course, determine the timing for password renewal yourself or set a timer. No more outdated passwords!

PHNX offers you maximum security

AES 256-bit encrypted password vault

The “heart“ of PHNX is the password vault. By default it is stored locally on your device only. If you wish, you can also store the encrypted vault with a trusted cloud provider. That way, you are always able to access up-to-date information from multiple devices wherever you are. AES 256-bit encryption is currently the highest globally recognized standard for the encryption of sensitive data.


Simplify your life with PHNX

  • Let PHNX create complex and totally secure random passwords for you. No more guilty conscience that your accounts might not be secure enough!
  • High security: You can use as many different and complex passwords as you want without having to memorize them or write them down.
  • And best of all: PHNX is extremely easy and convenient to use.

TESIS SYSware: The company behind PHNX

Customers have been trusting us with their password and access management for 30 years

Leading international companies with the highest security requirements have been placing their trust in TESIS SYSware for three decades with their password and access management. We aim to fulfill the highest quality and customer standards in future, too. That’s why we are working on pioneering solutions for tomorrow to continue to meet increasing demands in security and password management.